Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Name:  Mr Sam Oeun
Country: Cambodia
Comments: I had the pleasure of using Adventure Cambodia teacher guiding me through wonderful Cambodia. From the moment I was showed and taught by a private teacher in Siem Reap and taken the long way to the small town of Stung Treng in north eastern Cambodia, until I was sitting in the air-con private car going all the way from Sihanoukville to the bus station in Kampot province for my departure home, Make no mistake about it, my teacher have trained me for adventure all the interesting places in Cambodia, he knows Cambodia much better than the average local people you might meet. One could think that only by meeting and making friends among the Khmer people, you would really learn about the cambodian people, their lives and how things really work. Wrong. Unfortunately, the local people often have limited ways of getting to know the "world" outside their village or town. Most cambodian have never been out of the country, and surprisingly many have never visited the capitol or the ruined temples of Angkor Wat. in the hottest of the hottest conditions, suggesting back roads not many tourist travel on, telling stories about passing pagodas, temples, trees, plants, corrupt police, agricultural problems, season changes around the Mekong, school system, poor people, the few rich people, the slash-and-burn problem in the forests, the development Cambodia has gone through the last years, and so on. now I could help myself by practicing follow my teacher,

If you need some information about siem reap, Cambodia,

Please don't hesitate to contact me via Phone Call or Email

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Tel: +855 78995944

Mr Sok Samoeun

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